Nuestros Mares

Nuestros Mares


  • February 2021


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Applications
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development


  • Nonprofit Organization Management


  • M√©xico

Nuestros Mares is an NGO that seeks to promote the conservation of our oceans by connecting volunteers to local organizations, promoting activist events, and educating the general public on the impact oceans have on our daily lives.

Parting from a melancholic idea: the fact that that oceans were better decades ago; the brand was designed with a colourful and nostalgic identity. The intention is to raise awareness on the fact that our seas are continuously being harmed by our daily actions, and to inspire users to take action to try to revert this damage.

The colour palette is inspired on a sunset, reminding us we are facing a global climate crisis that could represent the end of our times. The circular icon symbolises the global impact and relevance of our oceans’ problems.

For a bluer future.

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